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Building Partnerships in Excellence

Statement of policy

Quality is our highest priority

Quality is the basis, past, present, and future of CHUKYO Europe GmbH operations. As an international manufacturer of mold release agents and paper coatings, our mission is to supply our customers with the highest quality products, technical assistance, and service in the industry. With this mission in mind, our goal is not only to meet, but to exceed, the requirements of our customers.

Continuous improvement in both quality and productivity of our process must be our highest priority. This will ensure that we are providing the best product at the best value to our customers. CHUKYO's commitment to quality is carried out through top management and is followed throughout the organization. It is our view that quality in both product and service, is the only standard by which our process can be evaluated. The quality of raw materials, finished products, and services provided are monitored throughout the manufacturing process to insure the standards of our customers are being met.

Technical Service Pledge

CHUKYO Europe GmbH is committed to providing the highest possible level of technical service. This commitment begins with specialized product development and continues through factory testing and production startup. CHUKYO also makes routine technical service contacts to monitor all aspects of product quality.

Product outline

Mold release agents and paper coatings

Hidorin and Hymcron

Additives for coated papers

Function: Water based dispersion of sensitizer, co-reactant, anti-fading agent, lubricant, release agent, gloss enhancer, water repellent
Application: Direct thermal paper, Direct thermal film, Coated paper


Function: Water based dispersion of waxes
Application: Binders and release agents for thermal transferbon


Synthetic wax

Function: Functional oxidized waxes and ester waxes
Application: Binders and release agents for toner transfer ribbon and nk

Rikeizai and Rimrikei

Release agents for synthetic resins

Function: Solvent and water based of waxes, silicone, and etc
Application: Mold release agents for PU


Function: Water based dispersion
Application: Anti-noise agents for PU


Additives for resins and latex

Function: Water-based dispersions of anti-oxidants and lubricants
Application: For resins like ABS and PVC, and latex like NBR and SBR, that are produced by emulsification polymerization or suspension polymerization, the introduction of additives as an emulsion or a dispersion form provides a homogeneous mixture and improves ease of handling

Additives for manufactured boards

Function: Waterproof agent for resin based and cement based wood chip or fiber boards
Application: Enhance the water-resistance, waterproofing, and water-repelling capabilities of boards

Selosol and Celuna

Additives for ceramics

Function: Binder, Lubricant, Deflocculant
Application: Enhanced production value when used as additives for molded products such as ceramics and magnetic ferrite parts


Polymer emulsions

Function: Water based dispersion of functional polymers
Application: Release coat for adhesive tapes