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A short introduction of our company

CHUKYO YUSHI Co., Ltd., located in Nagoya, Japan, is a well-established Japanese company almost 90 years of background and experience in the development, production and sales of high quality chemical products. Combining superior research and marketing, CHUKYO YUSHI has become a world leader in technologies such as industrial applications of waxes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, surface active agents, emulsions and dispersions.

CHUKYO Europe GmbH was founded in May 1991 as a 100 % Subsidiary of CHUKYO YUSHI in Japan. It has realized cost saving to European customers since CHUKYO's products is mostly water based and importation from Japan costs much.

For over 40 years CHUKYO YUSHI has continually improved and advanced its performance chemicals such as additives for thermo sensitive papers and labels (for thermal paper industry) and mould release agents for polyurethane foam (for automotive industry).

CHUKYO's water based dispersion of lubricants, developers, sensitizers, antioxidants, colour formers and other additives that enhance and protect the quality and stability of the thermo sensitive image. CHUKYO's products have a major role in the thermal paper industry now world widely.