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Building Partnerships in Excellence

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Building Partnerships in Excellence

Mr. Shoichi Ito, has received during an audience with the Japanese emperor "The Order of the rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays". Reason for this decoration is the outstanding development which was performed within the CHUKYO group since formation of a company in 1927. The CHUKYO group has production sites in Japan, the USA and in Germany which have also in each case an own R&D department.

The product assortment of the CHUKYO group encloses: polyurethane release agents, products for paper coating, additives for technical ceramics, additives for ABS or PVC and many other specialty chemicals. According to own information CHUKYO is in a lot of areas, world-wide, market leader or at least one of the leading companies. A reason for this very good position in the market is among other things the environment-friendly products which have mostly instead of solvents, water as a basis.


The history of our company

1927 October

Established "Ando Shoten" at Nishi-ku in Nagoya as sales dealer of oil and waxes

1930 April

Commenced manufacture of original products

1941 February

Re-organized a corporation

1947 December

Moved and built a factory of new oleo-chemicals at Nakagawa-ku in Nagoya

1950 December

Re-organized and newly named CHUKYO YUSHI Co., Ltd

1952 April

Opened Osaka Branch Sales Office

1964 January

Started Tokyo Branch Sales Office

1971 March

Built Nagoya Factory at Ama-District in Aichi Pref.

1975 February

Moved and built Head Office at Tomikawa-cho in Nagoya

1987 May

Joined in the organization of Korea CHUKYO Co., Ltd. in Korea

1988 March

Establish CYTECH Products, Inc. in the USA

1990 May

Founded CHUKYO Europe GmbH in Germany

1990 November

Built Aichi Factory at Handa City in Aichi Pref.

1997 May

Assigned Korea CHUKYO to partner

2007 December

Combined Osaka Sales Branch Office into Nagoya Head Office

2009 December

Establish CHUKYO YUSHI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand

2013 December

Hideki Ito assumes the position of President.

2016 March

Moved and built a new building for headquarters of corporate and sales, R&D center at Ama-shi, Aichi Pref.